Get Out of Any Copywriting Jam Without Losing Your Mind, Money or Clients

Are you a graphic designer, art director or front-end web designer? Do you struggle to work with copy, clients who write copy and freelance copywriters? Then this free copywriting workshop from David Burn, the founder of Adpulp and Bonehook is built just for you.

Turn A Current Challenge Into A New Skill and Money-Making Asset for Your Design Business

Are you wasting time, money and energy on poorly written copy that ruins the effectiveness of your design work?  

Do your clients insist that they can write the copy?  

When you do hire a freelance copywriter, does it take forever to get him or her up to speed and on-message?  

The good news is there is a way out of the copywriting woods. For designers who are dedicated to elevating their work and making more money, better copywriting is the key that unlocks the door to impactful messaging, effective work and happier repeat clients.  

The thing is, not everyone can or should write the copy (and not everyone wants to) but just about anyone can learn to write copy. Our copywriting course teaches designers the basic frameworks that copywriters use to help move the needle for clients and remove the headaches that come with poorly written copy.

Why Bother To Learn To Write Better Copy

  • Designers who learn to successfully write their own copy can stop hiring copywriters and start billing directly for this additional line of revenue.  
  • Designers who learn to successfully work with copywriters and clients who write copy can stop seeing their design work degraded by sloppy copy.  
  •  Finally, designers who learn to successfully work with copy, copywriters and clients who write copy can start to sleep well at night, knowing that copy is a design element that they know how to work with, fight for and sell.

How to Get Clients To Place An Emphasis On Copywriting and Make Room for Copy In the Budget Before A Project Starts

Overcoming the Three Most Common Objections to Hiring A Copywriter... 

When you work closely with clients who don't value copy, you hear these common objections all too often:

We can't afford to hire a copywriter? It's not in the budget.

I can write the copy, after all, no one knows the product better than me?

You can write the copy.

Cross-Training As A Copywriter Helps Make You A Much Stronger Designer

Do you want to learn the big idea mindset and the structural frameworks that copywriters use, so you can better understand how to work with copy, what good copy is made of and how to sell it in at the start of all projects?

Hire a copywriting coach to help hold you accountable, while you acquire the new skills needed to improve your work and your worth in the eyes of clients. 

Students in the copywriting course will also receive weekly classroom time via Zoom, homework assignments, email and phone support from David and access to a private Slack Channel where fellow students discuss challenges and solutions.

Don't Lose the Battle Before It Starts

Without great copy your designs will be lopsided and ineffective. Don’t accept this as destiny when you can take the client’s hand on this and make it a business decision. Typing isn’t writing, and creative writing isn’t copywriting. Copywriters get into the head and shoes of the customer. That’s a skill well worth investing in and the results that are generated from copy and design in harmony, are positive and sometimes they're stunning.

Get To A Better Place! Join the "Better Copy By Design" Community on Facebook

Where does great copy come from? Do copywriters dream it up? Or is it the outcome of a well-conceived process?

Join Bonehook's Facebook group, Better Copy By Design, and find out for yourself.

There are dozens of designers in the group today who are feeling the same copywriting pain that you are. By working together to address the challenges of clearer messaging that consistently moves people to believe and to buy, we can all ride this rising tide to greater peace and prosperity.

Join "Better Copy By Design," a closed group on Facebook, where designers gather to share tips and kvetch about copy and copywriters.

Treat Copy As A Design Element—This Explains Your Interest In It and Why It's Important for the Client to Listen

Most designers dread having conversations with their clients about copy and copywriting. Many designers don’t know how to sell copy or how to talk about copy confidently. This discomfort is natural, but it’s not particularly productive from a business point of view. Unless you’re only making logos, copy will always be integral to the overall impact and effectiveness of the piece. It pays to get up to speed and make copywriting part of the creative process. 

To get up to speed, treat copy as a design element. This establishes your dominion over it and helps the client see why it matters to you, to them and to their customers. Secondly, frame all discussions about the copy firmly around meeting the client’s objectives. The client buys your design services, but what they want isn’t design or copy. What they want are more customers, and better messaging delivers this.